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About Ket


Hi, my name is Kon Ket Sing. In Chinese tradition, Kon is my family/surname while Ket Sing is my first name. Just call me Ket :)

I provide Energy Reading consultations specialising in

i) finding & matching crystals/stones/gems for energy optimization of individuals
ii) energy audit and optimization of homes & offices (a la Feng Shui)
iii) chakra, aura and energy enhancement of individuals

I used to be "just another engineer" and "disbeliever" who awoke to the powers of stones and crystals through personal experience. Since then I investigated the powers of crystals and metaphysics, thereby discovering my talent in Energy Reading beginning with dowsing. My ability in Energy Reading and dowsing was self-taught, guided and developed with the aid of meditation & through my interaction with other psychics. I found myself able to do remote energy reading/dowsing (long distance energy reading) within half a year of my "awakening".

Through Energy Reading, I'm able to match a person's energy/aura with that of any crystal/stone for compatibility. The degree of compatibility generally ranges from 0-100%. Compatible crystals will manifest its powers amazingly. I have matched crystals with clients who have had amazing results including deeper meditative states and even awakening their psychic abilities. There was even a crystal who helped a client with his snoring problem (as an unintended effect of the crystal's energy healing effect). Incompatible stones/crystals will often "not work", perhaps even make itself unattractive or bring “bad luck” just to get you to remove them and sometimes, they will just "disappear"...

Similarly, I can read the energy of spaces in homes and basically any object. I do spatial energy audits a la Feng Shui. By taking positive energy or "Qi" readings, I can make recommendations to improve energy or Qi in a home or office. You can find out which are the best directions and locations in your home to work and rest, where to place crystals and Feng Shui features to enhance good energy and negate bad energies.

Some of my clients request for crystal healing whereby I match crystals to alleviate/heal their physical conditions. Some of the conditions he has successfully worked with are migraine, gastric, irregular period, insomnia, incessant cough, sorethroats, poor memory, sexual issues, etc. 

Energy healing without crystals can be done for different conditions whose roots are of energetic causes. Interestingly, some of these energy causes/blockages are caused by ourselves through our lifestyle, emotions, suppression, repression, mental conditioning, habits, etc.

Besides physical conditions, I match crystals for people who want crystals to help in other areas of their lives like improving sales charisma, career, relationships and general luck.

It is my vision that Energy Reading will change the way crystals are sold and the way Feng Shui will be practised in the future. And that one day, Energy Healing will be recognised as a valid form of augmentive therapy/healing in addition to conventional medical services.

I'm based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but travel extensively within Malaysia and occasionally other countries to do my Work. I'm able to help people far away from Malaysia through long distance Energy Readings and Healing and have done many healings this way. So don't let distance be an issue if you think I can be of help. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



Testimonial on Healing Work by Betty of Penang:


When I was in my early teens, I fell down from my bicycle and had a deep cut and was bleeding from my knee. After that incident, I rarely cycle anymore and did not realized that I develop Hemophobia (fear at the sight of blood).

Over the years, without me realizing it, my condition became worst. There were a few incidences throughout the years where I accidentally cut myself, would suddenly perspire in cold sweat, could not feel my legs and suddenly blackout after 10 seconds. It was very embarrassing as I would also have this physical reaction when the nurse extracted my blood for medical check up.

One day, at an event, a friend of mine got hurt and there was fresh red blood oozing from her leg. I tried to help her out but instead of being able to assists her, I started seeing stars and became paralyzed instead. I nearly fainted and had to sit down.

It was then that I decided this has affected my life long enough and I really need to do something about it before something serious happens and I am not able to help myself or others.

I had requested Ket on whether he could help me out in this area and he recommended Deep Cleansing whereby he would remove any trauma related to Hemophobia. The healing session was just around 30 minutes to 45 minutes. After the healing session with him, I didn’t encounter any sight of blood until months later when a friend accidentally got a deep cut on her knee and blood was oozing out. I was surprised that I was calm and did not faint. I even managed to help her and treated her wound for her!
For this, I am very grateful to Ket for helping me out. I only had one healing session with him related to this Hemophobia problem. He charge reasonably for that session and I would definitely recommend anybody with phobia related issues to see him.

Betty, Penang.


Mobile: +60-125057498

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