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Welcome to Stones n' Chakras

Curious about chakras and the unseen Energies that affect you and I? Or are you perhaps attracted to stones and crystals like many others? If so, you’ve come to the right place. If not, you can be open minded and perhaps be intrigued.

My name is Ket and I’m an Energy Reader. The main thing I do is help people by reading their energy including their chakras and aura. I also do energy readings for homes and offices. Typically, I’d recommend crystals to augment energy weaknesses. Other times, I’d perform energy healing as required. That also includes in dealing with evil spirits & sinister invisible beings and curses, black magic and dark arts.

Energy Reading

My work centers on Energy Reading and this can be applied in many ways mostly to:

1)   People, in terms of chakras, aura and checking for anomalies or disturbances like curses and entities/spirits

2)   Spaces ie homes and offices to check for quality of energy or Chi/Qi, Feng Shui and also for entities/spirits

3)   Any items in fact eg health products for physical health compatibility, books, music even for mental compatibility, etc. I apply Energy Compatibility readings mostly to crystals.

Personal Energy Reading

The standard Energy Readings I do includes

1)   Basic Energy analysis - Checking for any energetic anomalies which will indicate whether person is disturbed by entities/spirits or even cursed/hexed, split personalities, etc.

2)   Detailed Major Chakras analysis – development level of chakras, openness and blockages. This will generally be able to give an idea of the personality of the individual and likely physical ailments. Chakra readings will also indicate psychic ability (potential). Chakra weaknesses can be augmented through selection of highly compatible stones and crystals.

Energy Compatibility

How would you know if an expensive “miracle product” will work for you as claimed by the seller? Without purchasing then trying it for yourself that is. How do you know whether the health supplements you buy monthly is good for you? It can be done.

The Energy of an item/product and its effects on your Energy can be read. This way I’ll be able to let you know whether you’ll benefit from the product or possibly suffer from side or adverse effects. All that is required is a photo of yourself and the item.

How and why does Energy Compatibility reading work? Simple. Einstein has revealed that

E = mc2            ( E = energy, m = mass, c = speed of light)

Mass (substance) and Energy are related as proven by Einstein. By reading the energy of an item, I am thus able to “foretell” its effects on you when I read the effects of its energy on your energy.

Crystal Compatibility

Many people use crystals for their acclaimed healing and metaphysical properties nowadays. How would you know whether the crystal recommended by a book or friend is good for you? The same crystal that works well for your friend may not help you at all.

I can let you know by performing an Energy Compatibility reading on your crystal and you. All that is required is a photo of you and your crystal(s).

We need to understand that stones and crystals are as individual as us human beings. No one stone is alike. Well, they may look alike to us but they are really not the same stone – the same way that twins look alike but they can have very different personalities. We humans search for compatible life partners and we all know how difficult that can be. Similarly, we need to find stones that are compatible for us if we want to wear it or keep them near us. This is because stones and crystals have great energetic properties.

Compatible crystals will manifest its powers amazingly. Healing (physical and non-physical) is the typical result. I have matched crystals for clients who have had amazing results including deeper meditative states and even development of their psychic abilities.  

Incompatible stones/crystals will often "not work", perhaps even make itself unattractive or bring “bad luck/health” just to get you to remove them and sometimes, they have been known to just "disappear".


Crystals highly compatible to the person are identified through a process which involves Detailed Major Chakras Analysis. Typically a few crystals of at least 80% compatibility from my inventory will be shortlisted for your selection.

Long Distance Work

I can still help you even if you are on the other side of the earth. You do not have to take any transoceanic flights to meet me. All that is required for me to read your Energy is a photo of you and/or your crystals. However, distance does mean that I’ll have to expend more energy. As such the fees will commensurate with the energy expended.  

Other services available:

1)    Chakra blockage clearing

2)    Chakra Blockage-Imprints clearing (Blockage-Imprints create blockages)

3)    Curse (including black magic and dark arts) cleansing

4)    Aura repair & strengthening

5)    Aura cleansing

6)    Crystal healing

7)    Divine compatibility (checking who are your spiritual/divine guides)

8)    Soul & Karmic Connections between parties

9)    Energy cleansing of home/office/room

10)  Soul cleansing – of traumas, curses, non-divine and malevolent vows, fear-based programs

11)  Invocations writing for healing, protection, blockage clearing, etc.

12)  Phobia cleansing - a deep cleansing method that minimise effects of, even remove phobias

13)  Healing of some psychological disorders that have energetic roots eg schizophrenia, split personalities, hearing voices, etc. (disclaimer - I'm not a psychologist but some counselling may be necessary in addition to Energy healing)

14) "Exorcism" - liberation of lost souls or dark beings and removal of sinister invisible beings


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