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Minor Chakras

There are minor chakras spread all over the body. While smaller than the major Chakras in size they are also located at important energy confluence points in our body. Located at key points, the minor chakras receive and discharge subtle (Universe) energy to keep the body healthy.


The minor Chakras normally identified are:


  • One in front of each ear
  • One behind each eye
  • One where the clavicles meet
  • One on each breast
  • One at the thymus gland
  • One for the stomach
  • One near the liver
  • Two for the spleen
  • One near the solar plexus
  • One on the palm of each hand
  • One for each gonad (testes/ovary)
  • One behind each knee
  • One on the sole of each foot


The sole Chakras maintain our connection to the Earth and thus ensure that we are “grounded”. The gonad chakras interact with our sexual functions together with Root and Sacral chakras. Stomach, liver and spleen chakras work with the Solar Plexus major chakra to govern the associated organs. Thymus chakra supports the Heart Chakra. Breast and clavicle chakras can affect the lymphatic system. The eye and ear chakras feed the brain and can be developed to detect extrasensory information. The palm chakras are versatile chakras capable of giving and receiving energy. They are thus very important in energy healing.


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