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7 Major Chakras   

There are a few systems of
Chakras depending on the various traditions that use it. We follow the Hindu/Yogic tradition of 7 major chakras on the body, which happens to be the most widely accepted system.

The location of the 7 major Chakras corresponds to major nerve plexuses of the physical body or nerve ganglia along the spinal column. It is also no coincidence that the locations of these same Chakras correspond to glands of our endocrine system. Each chakra metabolizes energy at a particular frequency and rate and thus has been observed by clairvoyants to have color associated with invisible colored light (Fig. 3).

To clairvoyants, the Chakras look like energy vortices or cyclones that appear to act as conduits for (Universal) Energy to enter and exit our body (Fig. 2). The chakras open up to a few feet beyond our body with their tips connected to our spine, which in turn acts as a main power conduit running the length of our body. It is thus believed that the chakras vitalize our Energy Body and therefore our physical body.

1st Chakra - Root/Base Chakra (Muladhara)

Location: Bottom of the spine (coccyx)
Color: Red
Associated endocrine system: Adrenals
Area of body governed: Spinal column, Kidneys

Aspect of life: Foundation, balance, grounding, security

Psychic/Energy aspect: Kundalini

The root chakra connects us to the Earth energetically. We absorb the necessary energy from the earth and also discharge unwanted or negative energy to earth. This “grounding” helps us stay connected to the real world and ensures the functions associated with this chakra are functioning as intended. 

Balance in life is the key to having a healthy root chakra. It gives indication on the foundation of our lives and also how secure we feel as a person.

It is also associated with the general physical functioning and physical sensations (pain and pleasure) of the body. The Kundalini is also believed to reside here.

2nd Chakra – Sacral/Spleen/Pelvic Chakra (Svadisthana)

Location: About 2inches below navel (4
th sacral vertebra)
Color: Orange
Associated endocrine system:
Gonads (Testes or Ovaries)
Area of body governed: Reproductive system

Aspect of life: Expression

Psychic/Energy aspect: Clairsentience

The sacral chakra represents how we express ourselves. It is associated with our emotional aspect and governs creativity. People who suppress their emotions a lot of have repression (unconscious suppression) will often have blocked sacral chakras. It should also not come as a surprise that artists and creative people often have healthy and vibrant sacral.

It also intersects to the “Lower Dan Tien” in the Chinese system of Qi (Chi) and meridiens and is an important energy store of Qi.

Those who have highly developed sacral chakras usually show the psychic ability clairsentience ie ability to feel energy.

3rd Chakra – Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura)

Location: Solar Plexus -the empty space in between your ribcages and below the sternum, just above the stomach (8
th thoracic vertebra)
Color: Yellow
Associated endocrine system: Pancreas (islets of Langerhans)
Area of body governed: Stomach, Liver, Gall bladder, Nervous system

Aspect of life: Empowerment, Self, Identity, Confidence, Ego.

Psychic/Energy aspect: Energy source

The solar plexus is a gathering point for lines of subtle energy, the nadis, which distributes energy to our entire body. Physically it is also an intersection of nerves in the body.

It is associated with our self-identity and empowerment. People who have a strong self-identity and confidence usually have bright Solar Plexus. Especially those who have learnt how to empower themselves and also that of others. People who subject themselves to the control of others (eg parents or lovers) usually have blocked chakras. A healthy ego usually means a healthy Solax Plexus. However, those who are too egotistical will have hampered Solar Plexus.

You can consider it as the Sun of your body and is amongst the easiest place for you to manifest energy in the body. It is no surprise then that this is the place where stress and frustration manifests itself. This is the reason why those who are stressed often get gastric. As the blockages after the digestive systems which the Solar Plexus govern energetically.

4th Chakra – Heart Chakra (Anahata)

Location: On the sternum in between the nipples (4
th thoracic vertebra)
Color: Green/ Pink
Associated gland: Thymus
Area of body governed: Heart, Blood, Circulatory system, Vagus nerve

Aspect of life: Love, Compassion.

Psychic/Energy aspect: Clairempathy

The heart chakra manifests the energy of love, not only love for our mates but also for humanity in general. It corresponds to the major Assemblage Point where clusters of energy lines that connect to the body and surround it meet (Fig. 5).

Loving people have beautiful hearts that radiate Light & Love endlessly. Such people usually have the psychic ability of Clairempathy which enables them to feel how another person is feeling emotionally.

th Chakra – Throat Chakra (Vishudda)

Location: Between the collar bone and larynx in the neck (3
rd cervical vertebra)
Color: Blue
Associated endocrine system: Thyroid
Area of body governed: Bronchial and vocal apparatus, Lungs, Alimentary canal

Aspect of life: Truth, Vocal expression

Psychic/Energy aspect: Conviction charisma

The throat chakra is associated with the power of the word and expression, speaking things into being, listening and taking responsibility for our actions.

Those who live their lives in Truth will often have strong Throat chakras that enable them to convince people at ease.

6th Chakra – Third eye/Brow Chakra (Ajna)

Location: Slightly above the area in between the eyebrows (1
st cervical vertebra)
Color: Indigo
Associated endocrine system: Pineal gland
Area of body governed: Lower brain, Left eye, Ears, Nose, Nervous system

Aspect of life: Perception

Psychic/Energy aspect: Clairvoyance

The brow chakra is where our 3
rd eye – our eye of psychic vision is located. When it is opened we can see beyond the physical world and perceive energy, auras and other things of higher vibrations, even through the space-time continuum. That is through time ie of past, present and future and also space ie of remote locations.

To develop such, one must be able to have an open mind and perception that is not limited. It is also important that one is not stubborn and insist only one's perception/take of Truth. 

7th Chakra – Crown Chakra (Sahasrara)

Location: Top of the head
Color: Violet / White
Associated endocrine system: Pituitary gland
Area of body governed: Upper brain, Right eye

Aspect of life: Wisdom, spirituality

Psychic/Energy aspect: Claircognizance

The crown chakra receives energy and information from the universe. This chakra is associated with the higher mind, Spirituality and is the link to the Divine. It is also the exit point for our soul when it leaves the body upon physical death.

Those who cultivate of wisdom and/or spirituality will have highly developed Crown chakras that give them 6th sense, intuition or what we call Claircognizance - ie clear knowing.

Each major chakra on the front of the body is paired with its counterpart on the back of the body (Fig. 4) with the exception of the 1st and 7th chakra. The 1st (root) chakra opens downwards while the 7th (crown) chakra opens upwards. However Chakras 1 and 7 may be considered to be paired because they are the open-ended points of the main vertical power current that runs along the spine. All the major chakras terminate at or point to the spine. The spine carries the highest concentration of nerves outside the brain and serves as the information and energy “expressway” of the body. The major Chakras act as conduits interexchanging energy between the spine and the universe and, together with the spine play an important part in our Energy Body.


Not all the major Chakras function optimally (in fully open state) in most adults. Given the important roles of the chakras, it is in our interest to ensure that they are open and functioning properly as much as possible. Closed, distorted, or defective chakras will result in illness and dis-ease. Simple tests will show us how well our chakras are functioning. Thereafter, we can place or wear suitable stones and crystals to balance and activate the chakras.


In addition to the 7 major Chakras , there are minor chakras in our body. While not as large and important as the major chakras, they too have their role to play in our physical and energy body.





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